Jeremy Hunt has warned Keir Starmer's EU stance could 'unpick Brexit' and worry Leave voters

Jeremy Hunt warns Keir Starmer's EU stance could 'unpick Brexit' and worry Leave voters

Rishi Sunak announced a major change in the government's net zero policy on Wednesday

Labour 'would reverse Rishi's Net Zero u-turn,' Shadow Environment Secretary confirms

Footage appears to show a security guard monitoring the mobile Ulez camera

'TfL hire private security' to monitor mobile Ulez cameras after weeks of damage by vandals

Ken Livingstone has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s

Former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease

France-German plan to tier EU countries as Keir Starmer meets Emmanuel Macron

French-German plan to create EU 'inner circle' with space for the UK as Keir Starmer meets Macron in Paris

Ulez expanded to cover all of London on August 29

Now furious anti-Ulez activists spray cameras with insulating foam to disable them as police crackdown continues

Keir Starmer has pledged to rewrite the UK's Brexit deal

'It'll be the worst of both worlds': Keir Starmer accused of 'Brexit betrayal' after pledging to rewrite deal

The Labour leader criticised Boris Johnson's Brexit deal and has pledged to create a "much better" one.

'We have to make it work': Keir Starmer pledges major rewrite of Brexit deal

The government has been defeated

Government plan to scrap water pollution rule to boost housebuilding defeated in House of Lords

Keir Starmer is set to meet with Emmanuel Macron

Keir Starmer to meet Emmanuel Macron in breach of protocol, with French president 'to test Labour leader on Brexit'

Rishi Sunak slammed Keir Starmer for Labour's changing stance on nutrient neutrality

Rishi Sunak slams 'flip-flopping' Keir Starmer as Labour leader opposes plan to scrap eco rule to boost housebuilding

Ulez vans have been targeted by opponents of the scheme, having their tyres slashed and windows smashed

Now Ulez 'blade runners' start targeting camera vans - as they are graffitied, vandalised and have their tyres slashed

The shadow education secretary has refused to promise Labour will spend 'whatever it costs' to rebuild schools.

Shadow education secretary fails to pledge Labour will spend ‘whatever it costs’ to rebuild schools with unsafe concrete

Wes Streeting told LBC that he backed Roman Kemp's mental health campaign

'We will deliver': Labour's Wes Streeting responds to Roman Kemp's plea for action on mental health

Angela Rayner has been appointed to the post of shadow levelling up secretary

Angela Rayner appointed shadow levelling up secretary in Labour reshuffle

Jeremy Hunt has insisted the government's plan to halve inflation is working

'Time to see the job through': Jeremy Hunt promises pressure on families will 'ease' as he insists inflation is falling

Many of the new Ulez cameras have been damaged or are missing

One in four new Ulez cameras already 'damaged or stolen' only days after expansion

Sadiq Khan has expanded Ulez to cover all of London

Sadiq Khan ditches plans to make combustion-fired vehicles pay to enter London after Ulez backlash