Labour would end tax breaks for private schools 'straight away'

‘Scaremongering’: Labour denies ending ‘tax breaks’ for private schools would pile pressure on state school places

Labour will pledge a 100-day 'sprint review' of threats to Britain if the party wins the general election - as Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak make security a key part of their manifestos.

Labour pledges 100-day security review to tackle Putin, Iran and AI threats


Reeves pledges no income tax or NI rises under a Labour government

The Tory exodus has broken the 1997 record after John Major was defeated by Tony Blair.

Tory exodus breaks 1997 record as number of MPs standing down hits 77 - including the 'bionic MP' Craig Mackinlay

The Conservatives will unveil a curb on green levies, while Starmer is expected to say Labour will “cut your bills for good” by increasing green energy sources.

Tories pledge to curb green levies while Starmer vows to 'bring down bills for good' ahead of new energy price cap

Keir Starmer served under Jeremy Corbyn in the Shadow Cabinet

Jeremy Corbyn 'set to run for election against Labour' as an independent in Islington North

Richard Tice the leader of Reform UK attends a press conference as part of the party's campaign ahead of July 4, 2024 general election.

Reform UK's Richard Tice admits to LBC 'journalists are vetting candidates for us' as party rushes to fill 150 seats

Sunak and Starmer have launched their election campaigns after the Prime Minister announced a shock July 4 poll.

Sunak tells Britain to ‘choose its future’ as he launches election campaign whilst Starmer says ‘it’s time for change’

Rishi Sunak and Sir Keir Starmer

Sunak claims 'economy has turned a corner' and 'plan is working' at first campaign rally after announcing election

Rishi Sunak has called a general election on July 4.

Immigration, the economy and the NHS: The key issues that will dominate election battle

Sir Keir Starmer addresses the nation

Starmer vows it's 'time for change' as he addresses nation after Sunak announces General Election date

Rishi Sunak Announces Date Of The UK General Election

Rishi rolls the dice: Soaked Sunak goes for summer poll as he announces General Election will take place on July 4

Wes Streeting has said that the NHS is a 'service, not a shrine'

Wes Streeting vows to create 2 million more NHS appointments in first year of Labour government to cut backlog

British politics is in a worse state than when Jo Cox was murdered in 2016, the late MP's sister-in-law says.

Politics is worse now than when Jo Cox was killed, says murdered MP's sister Kim Leadbeater

Hospitals will be told pool staff and waiting lists across regions under Labour plans to banish NHS backlogs.

Labour's NHS rescue plan unveiled as hospitals set to pool staff and waiting list to save health service

Jeremy Hunt delivered his speech from behind a lectern emblazoned with 'Labour's Tax rises'

Labour ‘will help themselves to your family’s wallets,’ Jeremy Hunt claims, as he says tax cuts to come under Tories

Jeremy Hunt is promising further tax cuts if the Conservatives win the general election.

Jeremy Hunt to promise further tax cuts as he hits out at Labour over 'playground politics'

Labour’s six pledges are ‘woolly ideas’, says Tory chairman

Labour's six pledges are 'woolly ideas' and the party won't deliver for NHS and policing, says Tory party chairman