The comedian was pipped to the candidacy in the Green-held seat in the south-east by Tom Gray, a local music industry activist, according to The Argus newspaper in the city.

Trans comic Eddie Izzard loses bid to become Labour's candidate for Brighton Pavilion at next election

Wes Streeting has vowed to reform the NHS

Labour's Wes Streeting vows to reform 'complacent' NHS as he warns spending risks becoming 'unsustainable'

Sadiq Khan has blocked a request to send non-Ulez compliant cars to Ukraine

Sadiq Khan sets up website to enable Londoners to donate vehicles to Ukraine

Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer clashed at PMQs

Keir Starmer mocks Tory 'meltdown' in first PMQs after Rishi Sunak narrowly avoids Rwanda rebellion

Sir Keir Starmer has defended comments he made about Margaret Thatcher earlier this month.

Starmer defends Thatcher comments as he says he ‘completely disagrees’ with former prime minister’s politics

Mr Streeting told the Sunday Times: “I think people working in the NHS and the patients using the NHS can see examples of waste and inefficiency.

Labour's Streeting says NHS uses winters to get more cash out of government as he vaunts Singapore

Starmer was heckled by protesters in Glasgow

Two charged after Keir Starmer heckled by Gaza protesters who claim Labour leader backs 'genocide'

Bercow is a staunch critic of his former party

Ex-Commons speaker John Bercow brands Tories an 'absurd clapped-out spectacle of a non-government'

MPs voted by 246 to 242 in favour of the amendment to the Victims and Prisoners Bill.

Contaminated blood scandal victims shame Rishi Sunak for being 'forced to do right thing' after Tory revolt

Sir Keir Starmer is speaking at Resolution Foundation about the economy and next general election

Labour won't 'turn on the spending taps', Keir Starmer vows, as he warns 'Britain is going backwards'

Can Sir Keir's Maggie gamble actually pay off and see him crowned 'King of the North'

Can Sir Keir's Maggie gamble actually pay off and see him crowned 'King of the North'

Sir Keir Starmer was accused of trying to "ride on the coattails" of Margaret Thatcher's success by praising the former prime minister while appealing to Tory voters.

Labour's election chief tells LBC Starmer wants to be ‘conviction politician’ like Thatcher 'not endorse her policy'

Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer have both failed to commit to the pensions triple lock as opposition to the long-held policy grows.

Sunak and Starmer both refuse to commit to triple-lock continuing after next election

Jonathan Reynolds said Keir Starmer wasn't endorsing Margaret Thatcher

Labour Shadow Cabinet minister claims Keir Starmer 'wasn't endorsing' Margaret Thatcher despite praise

Sir Keir Starmer has praised Margaret Thatcher in an interview in which he attempts to woo back voters from the Tories.

Starmer praises Thatcher for 'changing UK' as he attempts to woo Tories back to voting Labour

An entertainment group wants to bring the Sphere to London

Will London get a Vegas Sphere after all? Michael Gove weighs up wading into planning row after Khan blocks plans

Keir Starmer hit out at Rishi Sunak over cancelling the meeting with the Greek Prime Minister amid an Elgin Marbles row

Starmer slams Sunak for 'trying to humiliate' Greek PM over Elgin Marbles row as he accuses him of 'small politics'

Susan Hall criticised Sadiq Khan after she was pickpocketed

Tory London mayoral candidate Susan Hall rages against Sadiq Khan after 'pickpocketing ordeal on Tube'