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Hot summer pictures of a dried our park with people sunbathing alongside a picture of a thermometer

When is the 40 degree heatwave? Met Office forecast soaring temperatures

The UN said planet earth is entering an era of 'Global Boiling'

July set to be 'hottest month in 120,000 years' as UN warns 'era of global boiling' to begin

Last year's heatwave was 'a sign of things to come'

Last year's record-breaking 40C heatwave is 'a sign of things to come and will be considered mild by future generations'

Corfu's wildfires were set by opportunistic arsonists attempting to heap misery upon others, the mayor of the Greek holiday island has claimed.

Arsonists blamed for Corfu wildfires as Greece grapples with blazes while terrified Brit tourists flee

Some 30,000 Brits will be left in holiday limbo as a result of the wildfires.

Rhodes fires leave 30,000 Britons in holiday limbo as thousands evacuated across Greek islands

The Prime Minister has casted doubt on one of his net zero goals.

Rishi Sunak wants to avoid 'hassling' families with net zero goals as petrol and diesel car ban thrown in to doubt

Thousands of people on the Greek island have been evacuated.

TUI cancels all flights to Rhodes until Friday as holidaymakers tell of five-mile hike to safety as 44C heat imminent

Shelagh Fogarty

'They knew it was a burning island': Caller furious at airline for letting her travel to Rhodes

Rishi Sunak

'What sort of future is Rishi Sunak trying to create?': Caller questions PM's evasive stance on climate change


UK needs to 'at the very least' rejoin the European Environment Agency, Stanley Johnson insists

Forest fires breaking out in Italy alongside a street temperature signs that read 40 degrees

Where is the heatwave in Europe and when will it end?

A rainy and grey city of London as two firefighters tackle wildfires in Greece

Is the European heatwave coming to the UK?

Just Stop Oil activist Daniel says he feels no ill will for his attacker

'I feel no ill will against him': Just Stop Oil activist beaten up at protest says he hopes police don't investigate

Just Stop Oil protester punched and kicked was the same man who invaded Lord's

Revealed: Just Stop Oil activist carried off Lord's following Ashes invasion punched and kicked during latest protest

Moment furious motorist throws punch and kicks at Just Stop Oil protester in London street

Moment Just Stop Oil activist is punched to the floor and kicked on the ground after car crash at London protest

Temperatures continue to soar worldwide, as Europe awaits heatwave Charon's impact.

Brits cancel holidays as Europe bakes in scorching heatwave and tourists are evacuated due to wildfires

Liam Kavanagh and Rupert Read, Co-Directors of the Climate Majority Project, write of how we can fight the climate crisis.

People know time’s up for a safe climate. What’s next?

Temperatures continue to soar worldwide, as Europe awaits heatwave Charon's impact.

Holidaymakers evacuated from scorching resorts in Europe as 'hottest day' approaches - and it could last until August