Climate Change: Latest News

Liam Kavanagh and Rupert Read, Co-Directors of the Climate Majority Project, write of how we can fight the climate crisis.

People know time’s up for a safe climate. What’s next?

Temperatures continue to soar worldwide, as Europe awaits heatwave Charon's impact.

Holidaymakers evacuated from scorching resorts in Europe as 'hottest day' approaches - and it could last until August

The UK is vulnerable to more uncomfortably hot days

UK at risk of worsening crime as country faces hotter days that could see increase in sex offences

Europe is sweltering in what is set to become the hottest weather ever recorded

Europe set to see 'hottest temperatures ever recorded' within days as deadly 48C Cerberus heatwave intensifies

Another deadly heatwave is set to hit Europe

First Cerberus, now Charon: Brits' holiday warning as next 'hellish' heatwave strikes Europe, with temperatures hitting 47C

Rescue workers in Athens have been assisting tourists amid the deadly temperatures.

Cerberus heatwave to climb to 48.8C across Europe as tourists in Athens taken to hospital amid ‘deadly’ temperatures

The man was said to have been forced to wear a Just Stop Oil t-shirt at Silverstone

'Groom on his stag do' stopped by police at British Grand Prix after friends made him wear Just Stop Oil t-shirt

Joe Biden met Rishi Sunak and King Charles on a visit to the UK

Joe Biden dismisses 'anti-British' claims as he meets King Charles and Rishi Sunak on whistle-stop UK trip

King Charles and Joe Biden meet at Windsor Castle after talks with Rishi Sunak.

King Charles greets Joe Biden at Windsor Castle after hailing ‘rock solid’ US-UK ties - dismissing ‘anti-British’ claims

Just Stop Oil have denied being involved with protesting at George Osborne's wedding

Just Stop Oil deny woman who threw confetti at George Osborne and his wife at their wedding is a member of the group

The protester poured a bag of orange confetti onto the happy couple

'Plain horrible': Just Stop Oil slammed for confetti protest on George Osborne's wedding day

Greta Thunberg is to head to court at the end of July.

Greta Thunberg faces jail over charge of ‘disobeying police’ at climate protest as activist given court date

Councillor Eleanor Wills labelled the decision 'terrible'.

What a basket case! Row breaks out as Salisbury City Council votes to scrap hanging baskets in historic market square

Zac Goldsmith has said he did not step down because of his support for Boris Johnson

Zac Goldsmith in row with PM as he insists he really did quit over environment, and not over Boris support

Lord Goldsmith accused the government of abandoning environmental commitments

Sunak hits back: Zac Goldsmith quit govt after 'failing to apologise for undermining Privileges Committee', PM says

Neilson's climate fund has handed Just Stop Oil more than £1 million

XR and Just Stop Oil millionaire donor: radical tactics are counterproductive for climate cause

Sunseekers enjoy the sea at Weymouth beach, Dorset (L) and (R) motorists being advised to turn off their engines when idling in hot weather

Hosepipe ban to be imposed in Kent and Sussex as demand for water reaches record level for June

Just Stop Oil's Alex de Koning and Andrew Castle had a heated debate.

'That is climate catastrophisation': Just Stop Oil rep and Andrew Castle have a heated debate