Is the European heatwave coming to the UK?

20 July 2023, 10:46 | Updated: 20 July 2023, 10:55

A rainy and grey city of London as two firefighters tackle wildfires in Greece
The European heatwave is of stark contrast to current UK weather. Picture: Getty

By Zoe Adams

Italy, Spain, Greece and Croatia are experiencing some severe temperatures in their latest summer heatwave but will the UK get the same 40 degree plus weather?

The British summertime has so far brought with it thunderstorm warnings, heavy rainfall and blustery winds despite starting off strong with the hottest June on record.

However, in countries such as Italy, Spain and Greece, the weather is on the opposite end of the scale, causing severe and serious warnings as the European heatwave brings temperatures as high as 46 degrees.

Threatening people's health and travel plans, with some Brits cancelling holidays altogether, tourists have been warned to make "extreme heat plans", particularly when it comes to future travel.

Currently, the staggering heat has sparked wildfire in Spain and Greece with as many as 16 areas under red alert.

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So is this extreme heatwave at risk of coming to the UK? Here's what the weather experts have said.

European heatwave: Temperatures in cities such as Italy and Greece are soaring past 40 degrees
European heatwave: Temperatures in cities such as Italy and Greece are soaring past 40 degrees. Picture: Getty

Is the European heatwave coming to the UK?

As it stands, the Met Office doesn't predict the UK will see any hot summer temperatures until around mid August.

A BBC weather expert has also confirmed the same thing who said "weather patterns have been stuck in the same position and there is no real sign of that changing".

Therefore no extreme heat or weather has been forecast in the coming weeks.

Italy in the sunshine as tourist is attended to by medics
Italy has issued multiple red alert warnings as they get close to breaking temperature records. Picture: Getty
People walking around London in the rain with umbrellas.
London and parts of the UK are expected to see a month's worth of rainfall over the weekend. Picture: Getty

When is the next UK heatwave?

As it stands, no heatwave is forecast for the UK. This weekend is predicted to see huge rainfall, around one month's worth in just 48 hours.

In a long range outlook, the Met Office has said temperatures will remain "close to slightly below average" as we approach August.

They added: "August is likely to see further unsettled conditions at first. Showers are expected to be the predominant form of precipitation, but some more prolonged spells of rain are also possible, which could result in rainfall totals being above average for the time of year.

"By the middle of the month, more settled conditions are likely, causing the showery regime to be reduced. Temperatures are generally expected to be around average for the time of year, perhaps becoming a little warmer by the end of this period."