UK needs to 'at the very least' rejoin the European Environment Agency, Stanley Johnson insists

23 July 2023, 20:16 | Updated: 23 July 2023, 20:20

Britain's environmental laws are 'hanging on by a thread', Stanley Johnson says

By Abbie Reynolds

Environmental campaigner Stanley Johnson says our environmental laws within the Retained EU Law bill are "hanging on by a thread".

Speaking to Rachel Johnson, former MEP Stanley Johnson said when it comes to the environment "the ball in is play".

Green policies are at the forefront of politics after Labour failed to claim the Uxbridge and South Ruislip seat in the by-elections on Friday.

Conservative MP Steve Tuckwell, who won the seat, claimed London Mayor Sadiq Khan's Ulez expansion "cost Labour the election".

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Keir Starmer has since been in discussion with Mr Khan and it is now reported that the London Mayor will "be reviewing" the Ulez expansion in response to the by-election result.

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Mr Johnson told Rachel "at the moment" most of the environmental protections we had whilst in the European Union have been retained but they are "hanging on by a thread".

"Unfortunately, the government has taken powers via the REUL (Retained EU Law) bill to change them," he said, "they are by no means safe".

He went on: "We need to come out fighting and what we all need to be saying is the UK needs to rejoin - at the very least - the European Environment Agency."

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"And what would that achieve, if we rejoined?" Rachel asked.

"It would anchor us in a group of countries who all face the same problems. And on trade, it would be absolutely vital too."