'I feel no ill will against him': Just Stop Oil activist beaten up at protest says he hopes police don't investigate

19 July 2023, 16:48 | Updated: 19 July 2023, 16:53

Just Stop Oil activist Daniel says he feels no ill will for his attacker
Just Stop Oil activist Daniel says he feels no ill will for his attacker. Picture: Just Stop Oil

By Kit Heren

A Just Stop Oil protester who was punched to the ground and kicked in the head during the group’s latest disruptive action on the streets of London says he feels "no ill will" for his attacker.

The passenger of a Mercedes traveling in the opposite direction to a go-slow protest crossed the street to launch an attack on one of the protesters on Wednesday morning, apparently after the car he was in was hit by another vehicle.

The man, wearing a red hat, marches over to the protester, lashing out at him, shoving him to the ground, before swinging a kick at him as he lies on the floor, sending the protester's phone flying across the tarmac.

After being shoved to the floor the protester curls up on the road and covers his head as he tries to protect himself.

The protester, Daniel, said: "I feel no ill sentiment or ill will against him. It's a difficult situation for anyone to be in".

He added in the video published by Just Stop Oil: "I feel sad because I can say personally I haven't said anything to the police. I don't plan to but I'm afraid that the police might go ahead and go after this man."

Daniel said he was feeling better despite the assault, and was seen holding a bag of frozen peas to the back of his head.

He went on: "There might be people who are sympathetic to me who get upset with this man. I really think they shouldn't.

"You know, we're all living in a really messed up world as a product of people at the top who are funding our murder. And yeah, that's where you should direct your anger."

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Just Stop Oil tweeted earlier: "Daniel was assaulted while marching this morning, and remained nonviolent throughout. Disruption is difficult, but it's necessary."

The Met Police has been approached to comment on this story.

It comes just hours after the group sprayed orange paint on the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero.

Two activists sprayed the side of the building in Whitehall with orange paint from fire extinguishers in protests over fossil fuel contracts.

The demonstrators then sat down in front of the paint-spattered glass building.

Police then detained the two people, later identified as Matthew Cunningham, 25 and Imogen May, 24.

In a short statement, the group said: “This morning, 2 supporters of Just Stop Oil have painted the department responsible for issuing over 100 new oil and gas licences in the UK.”

The group has been causing chaos on the streets of London for over 10 weeks and said that this week will be "its biggest protest ever."

Members of the group launched four other protests in the capital at Marylebone Road, Westminster Bridge, Victoria Street and on Vauxhall Bridge Road today.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak yesterday said he would not be giving in to the "eco zealots" threatening to disrupt the "British summer".

He said the UK would reach net zero in a "sensible, practical way" as he argued Just Stop Oil's protests are not a "constructive way to tackle climate change".