Conservative MP Robert Halfon has called on Boris Johnson to create a scheme for left behind schoolkids

Senior Tory MP calls on PM to create catchup scheme for 'left behind' schoolkids

9 months ago

James O'Brien asked why Gavin Williamson didn't act over the A-level algorithm

What does Gavin Williamson actually do all day, asks James O'Brien

10 months ago

Nick Ferrari clashed with Schools Minister Nick Gibb over whether he's offered to resign

Nick Ferrari tells Schools Minister he'd have quit if he'd presided over A-level fiasco

10 months ago

An A-Level student with mental health issues has told LBC about her struggles amid the grading scandal

'People like me aren't being talked about': Student highlights mental health issues amid A-Level scandal

10 months ago

A private school teacher told LBC about how existing privileges have been "baked" into the education system

Private school teacher explains why A-Level scandal will 'bake' privilege into universities

10 months ago

Alan Johnson slammed the Government over its latest U-turn

Ex-education secretary condemns government's 'most damaging U-turn yet' over A-Levels

10 months ago

A teacher told James O'Brien why the government have insulted them

Teacher asks: If you don't trust my grades, why do you trust us with your children?

10 months ago

Nick Ferrari asked Gavin Williamson if he had any confidence in Qfqual

Nick Ferrari asks Gavin Williamson four times if has confidence in the Ofqual boss

10 months ago

Gavin Williamson refused to tell Nick Ferrari whether he's offered to resign as Education Secretary over the A-levels fiasco.

Gavin Williamson refuses to say if he's offered to resign over A-levels U-turn

10 months ago

James O'Brien explained how the algorithm fiasco happened

James O'Brien explains how the A-level algorithm debacle came to happen

10 months ago