A study has suggested daily lateral flow tests are just as effective at controlling Covid-19 transmission as isolation

Schools: Daily testing 'just as effective' as isolation in controlling infections - study

5 days ago

Over 800,000 students had to self-isolate in one week.

Covid-19: One in nine pupils out of school in week due to self-isolating

14 days ago

Students could find out the focus of their exam papers in advance.

Covid-19: Pupils could be given advance notice of exam topics in 2022

15 days ago

Gavin Williamson will update MPs on the easing of restrictions in education settings.

Changes to school 'bubble' system to be set out

21 days ago

Gavin Williamson said he wants to make the school day mobile-free

Education Secretary considering banning mobile phones in schools

29 days ago

Student demands 'more focus' on schoolkids forced into Covid isolation

Student demands 'more focus' on schoolkids forced into Covid isolation

29 days ago

Rachel Johnson has called on the Government to change its Covid-19 school isolation rules

Rachel Johnson calls on Government to rethink school Covid bubble isolation

29 days ago

Terminology like white privilege could have contributed to neglect of white pupils, MPs have said

'National scandal': White working class pupils neglected by education system, MP tells LBC

1 month ago

Around nine in 10 girls reported incidents of sexist name-calling.

Sexual harassment 'normalised' for children in school, says Ofsted report

1 month ago

Ministers are spending as much on schools catch up in a year as Eat Out To Help Out cost in a month

One month of Eat Out To Help Out 'costs the same as year of school catch up plan'

1 month ago