Boris Johnson told to stop wearing Grimsby hat because he's bringing down town's reputation

9 December 2023, 08:04

Boris gave evidence in his Grimsby Town hat
Boris gave evidence in his Grimsby Town hat. Picture: Alamy

By Will Taylor

Boris Johnson has been told to stop wearing a Grimsby Town hat as he was accused of "shaming a community".

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The former prime minister turned up to the Covid Inquiry in London this week sporting a black and white "GTFC" bobble hat.

It was said to have been gifted to him by Great Grimsby MP Lia Nici, one of Mr Johnson's supporters.

But it has infuriated some residents and fans of the League Two side, with more than 600 people backing a call for him do ditch the clothing.

"Disgraced ex Prime Minister Boris Johnson attended the Covid inquiry wearing a woolly hat bearing the letters GTFC," wrote petition starter John Dale on the website Eko.

"It is the hat worn by fans of the highly-respected Grimsby Town Football Club. Johnson has no formal connection to the club.

"He has never lived in Grimsby. He is using the town to add lustre and glamour to his own shattered life.

"He is also bringing Grimsby into serious disrepute. This petition asks that Johnson stops wearing the hat and adopts hat more suited to his lowly status eg MUFC [Manchester United]."

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Under the petition's "why is this important?" section, Mr Dale has simply written: "Johnson is bringing Grimsby into disrepute."

One signator said: "Grimsby Town's situation is bad enough without that clown making it worse."

Another wrote: "I totally agree with the community of Grimsby that Johnson is bringing shame to them by wearing the town's hat! He is trying to look like a man of the people when he is the total opposite!"

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And a third said: "I'd be absolutely gutted if Boris Johnson had turned up to that inquiry (or anywhere) wearing an Ipswich Town hat. And I don't even support Ipswich. Get Grimsby Town off that grifter's head."

Mr Johnson apologised for mistakes made during his time giving evidence at the inquiry this week.

But he said that accusations he "didn't care" about people's suffering was wrong.