Cyclist Doing Wheelie Smashes Into Mercedes: Who Was In The Wrong?

16 August 2019, 10:45

A cyclist doing a wheelie on a busy road crashed into a Mercedes, but blamed the driver for the collision - and the internet was split over who was in the wrong.

Caught on camera by the cyclist's helmet-camera, the footage shows the cyclist pulling a wheelie during slow-moving traffic, before changing lanes to overtake a lorry.

But his wheel gets clipped by the Mercedes in the other lane and the youngster, who is wearing headphones, collides with the car and punches the bonnet twice in anger.

As the motorist stops and gets out of his car, a group of youths surround him and one can be heard saying: "Oh my days! What the f*** are you doing, bruv? What are you doing?"

The cyclist doing a wheelie got his bike trapped under the Mercedes
The cyclist doing a wheelie got his bike trapped under the Mercedes. Picture: Wheelie Kay / YouTube

People watching the video online were split as to whether the cyclist or the driver were at fault for the collision - what do you think?

Wheelie Kay is a YouTube channel in which the cameraman travels around London on his bike with his friends, doing wheelies wherever he goes.

It is the same channel as the video which caused fury when a group of cyclists terrorised shoppers as they rode through an Asda in Brighton.