Overtaking Cyclist With Child Onboard In Near Miss With Two Lorries

4 January 2019, 13:39

A cyclist carrying a child came within inches of two lorries after performing a shocking overtake at a roundabout.

One of the HGVs was forced to slam on the brakes as the rider darted across the road in Weybridge, Surrey.

It was captured by driver Richard Hook who shared it onto Facebook earlier this week.

He warned the incident could have easily turned into a double fatality.

Dash-cam shows the 32-year-old approaching the roundabout with another lorry coming towards him.

The near-miss was caught on one of the lorry's dash-cams
The near-miss was caught on one of the lorry's dash-cams. Picture: Deadline News

Suddenly a loud horn is sounded as the cyclist and his child overtake him and the facing lorry.

Richard can understandably be heard shouting “f*** me, f****** hell!” before adding “got a bit shaken up there”.

Social media users have been quick to condemn the cyclist’s actions.

One wrote: “Omg death wish! Love the reaction time of the other lorry though and cam lorry as the driver reacted before the cyclist was in clear view.”

Another user commented: “Holy c***! Gamble with his own life if he wants, but not the kid too!”

Speaking today, Richard said the incident, originally filmed in 2015, was a regular occurrence.

“As a professional driver you see this sort of thing all the time so was not surprised,” he said.

“You learn to look out for these idiots. The child on the back just makes it horrific.”