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James O'Brien on Tory tactics in the upcoming election.

Tories desperately seeking wedge issues is the 'only way' they will retain power in 2024, says James O'Brien

Nick and caller Dominic

The Sycamore Gap tree became a beacon of hope for this caller's father amidst detention in a concentration camp

James and caller Mervin on knife crime

'I'd prefer you to go to jail than die': James O'Brien is left aghast by this caller's father's stance on knife possession

Nick and caller Karen

‘I would not want my child walking in this town': Croydon resident expresses fear following the stabbing of 15-year-old school girl

Lucy Frazer is flustered by Rugby World Cup questioning.

Sports Secretary stumbles over who England could face in Rugby World Cup quarter final

James O'Brien

James O'Brien ridicules those prioritising Labour's private school VAT plans over the cost of living crisis

Sangita Myska and gymnastic story

'If it's not racism, then what is it?': Mother reacts to young black gymnast denied medal

James O'Brien

'I mean this is a novel': James O'Brien hears why this caller blames Labour for HS2 problems

Putin’s strategy is to drag out the war to cripple Ukraine forces and test the West’s staying power, writes Megan Gittoes.

Zelenskyy knows his most important battle for Ukraine’s future is being played out on Capitol Hill, writes Megan Gittoes

Nick and caller Chris

Boris Johnson 'misled' the country over Brexit, declares this adamant Nick Ferrari caller

James O'Brien

James O'Brien takes aim at uninformed 'idiots' criticising Keir Starmer for not wanting to diverge from EU rules

Shelagh and caller Mike

The Conservative Party is now infiltrated by 'UKIP-ers' and 'self-serving individuals' says Shelagh Fogarty caller

JOB on Rishi Sunak Bins

Rishi 'seven-bin' Sunak is lifting bans that 'don't exist', asserts James O'Brien

Rishi Sunak's net zero speech shows he has 'found a target to attack and people to defend', says Andrew Marr.

Andrew Marr: Rishi Sunak has found a ‘target to attack’ in net zero 'U-turn' but risks alienating others


Rishi Sunak's weakening of Net Zero policies is his 'stupidest intervention' to date, asserts James O'Brien

The joint doctors strike on Wednesday is 'a moment in history', Andrew Marr said.

Andrew Marr: First ever joint doctors' strikes are an ‘immensely worrying’ moment in history that will cause ‘real harm’

Brook House

Sangita Myska links attitude of political leaders to 'toxic culture' revealed at immigration removal centre

James O'Brien appalled by proposal that doctors could be forced of picket lines

James O'Brien appalled by doctors set to be 'forced off picket lines'