'Thank God for King Charles': David Lammy reflects on COP28

3 December 2023, 12:28 | Updated: 3 December 2023, 12:29

King Charles III
King Charles III. Picture: LBC
Yaman Mohammed

By Yaman Mohammed

Shadow Foreign Secretary and LBC presenter David Lammy questions if Greta Thunberg is correct in her description of "blah blah blah" COP28 as "greenwashing".

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David discussed the climate crisis as he hosts his LBC show live from Dubai, where he is attending COP28, the world's biggest annual conference on tackling global warming.

"By the way, Greta is not the only person who has been a bit down on the climate emergency, Rishi Sunak has also been down" David began.

"How can you, as the United Kingdom, ask other countries to change their behaviour towards dealing with our rising temperatures if you can't show leadership in your own country?" the Shadow Foreign Secretary said in reference to Mr Sunak's new north-sea oil deals.

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Michael Mann on COP28 held in Dubai

"Thank God for King Charles, and for his leadership" David added.

David continued to praise the King, including his tie, as Charles wore the Greek flag-emblazoned accessory amidst the row between the PM and Greece's Prime Minister over the Elgin Marbles.

King Charles at COP28
King Charles at COP28. Picture: Alamy

David Lammy finished his monologue in asking his listeners, "Do you agree with Greta, is it all just 'blah, blah, blah' or is it any different?"