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Shelagh and Alicia Kearns

Head of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee expresses concern over Israeli 'siege of Gaza'

Sadiq Khan and James O'Brien

Sadiq Khan declares there is 'no place for anti-Semitism' in London as kosher restaurant in Golders Green attacked

Nick and Professor

'Wiping out Gaza will not result in peace': Leader of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign airs concerns for the future of the Israel-Palestine conflict

A caller in Israel gave her account of events.

‘It's never happened before, it’s terrifying’: Tel Aviv caller gives first-hand account of Hamas airstrikes in Israel

Rishi Sunak speaking to LBC's Tom Swarbrick

Rishi Sunak wants to be the 'change candidate' - but will voters buy it?

Shelagh Fogarty caller on facial recognition.

This caller lacks 'trust' in the government's handling of the AI facial recognition debate

James O'Brien on the challenge HS2 scrappage poses to Labour.

‘How much can Rishi Sunak knock down before Keir Starmer becomes Prime Minister?, asks James O’Brien

Tonight with Andrew Marr

Andrew Marr: England's crippling housing crisis is a widespread problem - but still Rishi Sunak remains silent

'Absolutely nothing': Caller criticises Rishi Sunak for not mentioning housing and social care in his speech

'Absolutely nothing': Caller criticises Rishi Sunak for not mentioning housing and social care in his speech

Shelagh condemns PM's comments on 'dignity' of the elderly.

'He painted a picture of a Britain that the Conservatives meant to build...': Shelagh Fogarty condemns PM's suggestion that elderly have 'dignity'

James O'Brien

Rishi Sunak is like an 'incontinent cat': James O'Brien slams Tories ahead of PM's Party Conference speech

Shelagh Fogarty on Jenrick

'We're full aren't we?': Shelagh questions Robert Jenrick's motive behind encouraging Brits to increase birth rate

Caller believes that the MP's comments are her "pandering to white audience".

Kemi Badenoch is ‘pandering to a largely white audience’, says this caller after the Business Secretary’s comments

Tonight with Andrew Marr

Andrew Marr: Could the Conservatives pull off a miracle and win another general election?

Shelagh talks to caller Serena

Caller admits to Shelagh Fogarty she felt 'inadequate' for claiming benefits while caring for her disabled son

JoB and Jeremy Hunt

Navy veteran deeply hurt by Jeremy Hunt's plans to clamp down on benefit claimants

Transport Secretary is 'confident' Tories will win next election

Transport Secretary is 'confident' the Tories will win next general election

Bishop Stephen Lowe compares Suella Braverman to Enoch Powell

Bishop condemns Suella Braverman's 'damaging' migrant rhetoric, likening her to Enoch Powell