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Andrew Caste forecasts "landslide" election

Andrew Castle forecasts 'landslide' general election, as he reacts to Tories' latest by-election defeat

James O'Brien

'I think they're the loneliest voters in Britain', James O'Brien claims after Tories' double by-election defeat


Rishi Sunak has 'failed monumentally' to 'humanise' both sides of the Israel-Hamas conflict says Israel expert

Shelagh and Callum

Twitter is a 'particularly dangerous' place to get information now says the Centre for Countering Digital Hate

JOB and caller Andy

Biden's visit to Israel is to show that the US stands 'unequivocally' with Israel says James O'Brien caller

Shelagh and caller Simon

LBC caller details 'disgusting anti-Semitic' act he witnessed, as hate crimes rise in fall out of Israel-Hamas war

Andrew Castle caller on the 'difficult position' Israel is in.

'Whatever it does, it's going to be perceived as the aggressor': Israel is in a 'difficult position' says this caller

JOB and Usman

Israel's current response will only 'strengthen' Hamas by rearing Gazans who seek revenge warns this James O'Brien caller

JOB on deaths in conflict

James O'Brien unpacks the 'controversial' feeling of being 'equally devastated' by Palestinian and Israeli deaths

Nick Ferrari

Nick Ferrari urges FA to 'show leadership' after apparent reluctance to illuminate Wembley Arch in Israeli colours

Tom and caller

'Our family is there': Mother shares heartbreaking experience of being a British Jew during Israel-Hamas conflict

Distraught caller on Israel-Gaza conflict.

'This is a war against Hamas!': Distraught caller wants Israel and Palestine to take down the 'enemy' together

JOB on starmer speech

Keir Starmer is using 'working class as the opposite of having a sense of entitlement', notes James O'Brien

JOB on HS2 promises

James O'Brien criticises Rishi Sunak's watering down of 'illustrative' Network North projects funded by HS2 cut

'This is not a good time for antisemitism’: Dame Margaret Hodge worried by antisemitism across the UK after Hamas attack

'This is not a good time for anti-Semitism’: Dame Margaret Hodge worried by Jewish discrimination after Hamas attack

Shelagh and Alicia Kearns

Head of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee expresses concern over Israeli 'siege of Gaza'

Sadiq Khan and James O'Brien

Sadiq Khan declares there is 'no place for anti-Semitism' in London as kosher restaurant in Golders Green attacked

Nick and Professor

'Wiping out Gaza will not result in peace': Leader of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign airs concerns for the future of the Israel-Palestine conflict