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Mr Sunak outlined his deal to MPs but is waiting on whether Boris Johnson backs it

'We've now taken back control': Sunak hails Brexit deal as Tory hardliners and DUP size up agreement

Rishi Sunak alongside Irish border controls

Brexit deal: Northern Ireland Protocol explained

King and VdL

King Charles will meet Ursula von der Leyen 'for tea' before new Brexit deal announced

Sunak leaves No 10

Sunak poised to unveil new Brexit deal as Downing Street heralds ‘far-reaching concessions’ from EU

Therese Coffey said people struggling to afford food and relying on food banks (right) could work more hours

People struggling with rising food costs should 'work more hours' minister suggests

Therese Coffey said that vegetable shortages will possibly last up to a month for Brits

Eat turnips not tomatoes: Environment Secretary tells Brits facing veg shortage as she warns of month of bare shelves

Liz Webster, from Save British Food, blamed supermarket shortages on Brexit

Food campaigner and farmer lays blame for supermarket shortages squarely on Brexit saying 'we can't feed you'

Aldi has become the latest supermarket to ration the purchase of vegetables

Tesco and Aldi ration veg: Two more supermarkets impose limits on tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers

Sunak and Starmer went head-to-head in PMQs

Sunak suggests MPs will be allowed to vote on his proposed post-Brexit NI protocol deal

Supermarkets in the UK have been 'hurt horribly by Brexit' said the former boss of Sainsbury's

UK shops 'hurt horribly by Brexit,' says former Sainsbury's boss - as shelves lie empty with fruit and veg rationed

Supermarket shelves have been left empty as the energy crisis takes its toll

Supermarkets' rationing of fruit and veg 'could last for weeks' - but shelves in Europe are ‘heaving’ with fresh produce

Sunak heads to Northern Ireland

Rishi Sunak in Northern Ireland for last-ditch Brexit talks before 'imminent' deal

Gove attended the meeting chaired by Mandelson

Secret summit to discuss 'why Brexit is not delivering' attended by Michael Gove and Labour frontbenchers

Stuart Rose said Brexit had been 'catastrophic' for the British economy

Brexit has made Brits 'suffer' and been 'catastrophic' for the UK economy, says ASDA chairman Stuart Rose

Keir Starmer (l) calls for Rishi Sunak (top r) to stand up to Tory Eurosceptics in EU negotiations

Rishi Sunak must stand up to Tories 'Brexit purity cult' to strike NI Protocol deal, Keir Starmer says

Best of 2022: James O'Brien's top Brexit moments

Best of 2022: James O'Brien's top Brexit moments

Just a third of Leave voters think Brexit was a good idea

Only a third of Leave voters now think Brexit was a success

Richard Branson has blamed Brexit for Britain's poor economic growth.

Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson says he would not invest 'new money' in Britain blaming Brexit for poor economic growth