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'Economically Brexit's working': Nigel Farage says but claims it has 'not been properly implimented'

'Economically Brexit's working': Nigel Farage says but claims it has 'not been properly implemented'

1 month ago

Nigel Farage speaks to LBC

'We live in a digitised age': Nigel Farage says post-Brexit border checks will be 'just as quick and easy' as before

1 month ago

Long delays at British borders have been blamed on Brexit. Nigel Farage told LBC there had been a 'complete failure' in negotiations

Brexit is back: Nigel Farage says Britain 'will' renegotiate EU deal next year as he blasts 'complete failure' of talks

1 month ago

Sir Keir Starmer has suggested the UK could have 'closer ties' with the EU

‘Huge scope’ for closer ties with EU, Starmer suggests, but ‘no case’ for rejoining

1 month ago

Passengers queuing to get on Eurostar trains at St Pancras

Exact date for new EU Eurostar checks set and how much earlier you need to arrive revealed

2 months ago

Two-thirds of Brits are unaware of new EU travel changes coming in.

Two-thirds of UK adults unaware of new EU travel rules coming in for British holidaymakers this year

2 months ago

LBC has been told small wholesalers could be paying an extra £60k a year for new Brexit inspections

Food prices 'set to soar again' with new Brexit checks costing businesses thousands every month

2 months ago

EU proposes a deal on free movement for young people

Brussels offers the UK a free movement deal that would give young Britons the right to live in the EU

3 months ago

Thousands of British expats will be affected

Spain announces plans to scrap 'golden visa' scheme in major blow to British expats

3 months ago

A policeman checks passports and vehicles at the entrance of the Channel tunnel in Calais, northern France

Check your passport before booking holiday to stop post-Brexit rule from ruining trip, Brits warned

4 months ago

Civil service nearly 100k bigger since Brexit but 'no clear vision' of policy, report warns

Civil service nearly 100k bigger since Brexit but 'no clear vision' of policy, report warns

4 months ago

The exemptions mean that the ESS system won't apply to non-EU nationals who have a residence card.

New travel rules in 25 EU countries such as Greece and Spain - but some British holidaymakers will be exempt

4 months ago

Britain has performed worse economically compared to the EU and US since the 2016 referendum, according to Goldman Sachs

Brexit Britain has 'significantly underperformed' compared to EU and US since 2016 referendum

5 months ago

Sadiq Khan has called on the government not to ‘wash its hands’ of issues around post-Brexit red tape

Sadiq Khan calls on ministers to prevent post-Brexit border checks set to cause Eurostar travel chaos

5 months ago

David Davis has rated the success of Brexit an eight out of ten.

David Davis marks Brexit 8/10 four years on - as Northern Ireland deadlock on the brink of breaking

5 months ago

Checks on foods arriving at Dover will be carried out at a facility in Sevington, Kent, 22 miles away from the port (main image)

'Less choice and higher prices': New Brexit checks on food imports begin but minister says ‘businesses will move on’

5 months ago

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Port of Dover

Fears of swine fever entering the UK via illegal meat amid port funding cuts, as Brexit import checks come into force


New Brexit border regime in force amid warnings of serious biosecurity risks’

The Sevington Inland Border Facility in Ashford, Kent

New Brexit border regime could pose ‘serious biosecurity risks’

Northern Ireland Secretary Chris Heaton-Harris

Donaldson hails UK-EU agreement on changes to post-Brexit NI trade rules

As well as the Brexit bash, Boris Johnson was pictured at leaving drinks during the pandemic

Boris Johnson's booze bill for Brexit bash at No10 revealed after two-year legal battle

The Constitutional Court's decision is final

French court blocks plan to allow British expats to stay in France for longer than 90 days without visa

London Mayor Sadiq Khan during his speech to the Fabian Society conference in central London. Picture date: Saturday January 20, 2024.

Sadiq Khan calls for ‘youth mobility agreement’ around EU countries and suggests UK should rejoin customs union

New rules for British second homeowners in France are coming in

Brits with second homes in France can stay for six months without a visa, after post-Brexit limits overturned

Rishi Sunak does not believe Brexit is "in peril"

Rishi Sunak does not believe Brexit is 'in peril' despite calls from EU chief Ursula von der Leyen for it to be reversed

Michael Gove has insisted soaring migration does not represent a betrayal of Brexit

Soaring migration 'not a betrayal of Brexit', Michael Gove tells LBC, as he insists Govt will drive down numbers

The Spanish government could lobby to see the limit extended.

Spain to 'try and convince EU’ to axe 90-day visit limit for British holidaymakers after post-Brexit rule

French visa rules for second homeowners could be changed

France looks to relax 90-day stay limit for Brits with holiday homes, who have been 'punished by Brexit'

Medicine shortages in the NHS are 'as bad as they've ever been' as a new report blames Brexit for the supply issues.

NHS drug shortages 'as bad as they've ever been' as experts blame Brexit red tape

City executives complained that the cap stopped the recruitment and retainment of quality workers, resulting in London losing out on talented staff.

UK to abolish cap on bankers' bonuses next week

A Belgian court has accused a collections agent, who works with TfL of "abusing its legal powers."

Belgium condemns Sadiq Khan's ULEZ as over 20,000 EU drivers ‘unlawfully’ fined in alleged criminal data breach by TfL

Rishi Sunak speaks exclusively to LBC

Rishi Sunak blames EU law for stopping 100,000 new homes being built in UK