Farage Shoots Down Caller's Claim He "Duped" Working Class Voters

9 January 2017, 20:38 | Updated: 9 January 2017, 23:29

Nigel Farage Point

Chris from Manchester called The Nigel Farage Show to accuse the former Ukip leader of tricking working class voters into backing Brexit. This was Nigel's response.

The first edition of The Nigel Farage Show saw many Leave voters call up to back Nigel in demanding Theresa May speed up the Brexit process.

But Nigel wants to have plenty of calls from people who don't agree with him too - and Chris certainly falls into that category.

Chris asked Nigel: "I want to know how you feel about the way you've led the working class and the least well off people in this country to vote for something that's ultimately going to be very bad for them?

"Especially in light of the devaluation of the pound. The instant effect of that is that people who are on the lowest incomes are going to have to pay more for the things that matter.

"Obviously that's not something that's going to affect you but all these people it is going to affect and you're the one who's convinced them to vote for this."

Farage's response? "Well hopefully Chris, there'll be more of them in work because what is happening is very, very good news for UK manufacturing.

"The figures since Brexit have been excellent - "

Chris cut across Nigel again though, to say it didn't make a difference if those people had jobs that only paid poorly: "The pound's value has plummeted and prices are rising!"

He used an example from his own job, where his suppliers put prices up in the wake of the EU referendum.

LBC's newest presenter had a passionate response for Chris though, saying that the scare stories about Brexit hadn't yet come true and that the fall in the pound's value began a long time before the EU vote.

"And no, Chris, I do not feel guilty about 'duping' people into anything.

"I hope and believe I was absolutely open and dead honest as I could be, not just in the referendum campaign but in the previous 25 years."

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