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Keir Starmer

'I still believe in Brexit and don't trust Keir Starmer,' says unapologetic 'left-wing Brexiteer'

Thousands of passengers faced severe disruption at the Port of Dover across the weekend

'We've had this before!': Keir Starmer says 'of course' Brexit can be blamed for travel chaos at Port of Dover

Rishi Sunak hailed the new deal

Rishi Sunak hails the UK joining Indo-Pacific bloc in Britain's biggest trade deal since Brexit

Richard Hughes made the comments to Laura Kuenssberg

Brexit as bad for economy as Covid and war in Ukraine, head of government's watchdog says

Former Prime Minister's Boris Johnson and Liz Truss will vote against  Rishi Sunak's Brexit deal

PM's new Brexit deal for Northern Ireland receives backing of MPs - despite Boris Johnson and Liz Truss revolt

Rishi Sunak may be left without ERG votes

Tory ERG blasts Rishi Sunak's Brexit change as 'practically useless' as PM faces needing Labour to pass deal

DUP (l) will not back Rishi Sunak's Windsor Protocol

DUP to vote against Rishi Sunak's Windsor Framework in blow to new Brexit deal

Boris Johnson was a "piece of work", the former EU chief said

Boris 'a piece of work' says ex-EU chief who negotiated Brexit as Johnson mounts opposition to Sunak's deal

Nick and EU flags

'Nothing about Brexit is normal or fair': James O'Brien brands vote leave advocates as 'liars'

Rishi Sunak has urged the DUP to resume power-sharing

Downing Street says no changes to Brexit deal as Rishi Sunak urges DUP to end boycott of Stormont power sharing

The Foreign Secretary was speaking to LBC's Nick Ferrari

Foreign Secretary denies government is politicising the King after criticism over meeting with EU boss

UK And EU Reach A Deal Over Post-Brexit Trade Arrangements For Northern Ireland

From sausages to sovereignty: What will the Brexit deal change for the UK?

Mr Sunak outlined his deal to MPs but is waiting on whether Boris Johnson backs it

'We've now taken back control': Sunak hails Brexit deal as Tory hardliners and DUP size up agreement

Rishi Sunak alongside Irish border controls

Brexit deal: Northern Ireland Protocol explained

King and VdL

King Charles will meet Ursula von der Leyen 'for tea' before new Brexit deal announced

Sunak leaves No 10

Sunak poised to unveil new Brexit deal as Downing Street heralds ‘far-reaching concessions’ from EU

Therese Coffey said people struggling to afford food and relying on food banks (right) could work more hours

People struggling with rising food costs should 'work more hours' minister suggests

Therese Coffey said that vegetable shortages will possibly last up to a month for Brits

Eat turnips not tomatoes: Environment Secretary tells Brits facing veg shortage as she warns of month of bare shelves