Crime & Police

CCTV footage of thieves will be checked against official databases.

Police to use 'game-changing' facial recognition tech to check thieves against passport databases

ULEZ-related figures show almost a thousand recorded crimes.

More than 750 Ulez-related crimes recorded by Met Police in just six months

The driver was fined for the tea incident

Moment driver spotted drinking mug of tea on motorway, as bemused police slap him with dangerous driving fine

The incident took place in Tidsbury in Wiltshire

Couple duck for cover after being shot at with 'powerful air weapon' in quiet English town, as four arrested

Jermaine Baker who was shot by a Met Police officer

Met Police officer who shot Jermaine Baker dead will face gross misconduct hearing

Nick Adderley

Top police officer faces probe for wearing Falklands medal despite being too young to fight in the war

Body cameras have cost at least £90 million in the past decade.

Over 150 reports of police officers misusing body cameras, investigation finds

Nabin Thapa died

'Hardworking and dedicated' soldier collapses and dies during 'brutal' training drill, as police 'launch probe'

Susan Hall says she doesn't feel safe walking home at night

Susan Hall 'doesn't feel safe walking home at night and walks with keys between her fingers' as she calls for better policing

The paralysed man was dragged out of his car by US police

Shocking moment paralysed black man is hauled out of car without his wheelchair by US police