Crime & Police

Kane Tilney uploaded videos of his offending to social media.

Police thank TikTok yob who shared videos of reckless bike stunts as he is charged with 20 offences

Just Stop Oil protesters ‘will die’ for cause and miss seeing children at Christmas as LBC reveals widescale repeat arrests

'Only death will stop us': Eco-protesters say they won't quit as it's revealed one in 10 had already been arrested

Officers should ditch words like "policeman", Staffordshire Police guidance says

Cops told to ditch phrases like 'policeman' and 'victims of' in 'woke' new guidance

A Met Police officer has been sacked over his sexual encounters with a child

Met cop sacked for 'sexual activity' with runaway child but prosecutors refuse to take case to court

Serial killer Stephen Port

Met Police officers face the sack over handling of investigation into murders by serial killer Stephen Port

Climbing over a war memorial is not illegal, Sir Mark Rowley has said

Climbing over war memorials 'not illegal but unfortunate', Met chief says after outrage at pro-Palestine demonstrators

Home Secretary James Cleverly suggested laws could be changed to give police powers to prevent protesters from clambering over war memorials.

Laws could change to stop protesters clambering over war memorials after Gaza demo controversy

Police forces are being forced to consider cuts with a funding gap of more than £3 billion

Police forces 'short by around £3 billion and 40,000 staff' as chief warns of the need to 'scale up' to tackle crime

Suella Braverman launched a withering attack in a resignation letter to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak urging him to change course to avoid election defeat and slamming his record on immigration and anti-Semitism

Home Secretary ‘cleaning the scorch marks off office walls’ after Suella Braverman’s blistering attack on PM

Almost 4,500 officers have left policing during their probation period since 2019

Officer exodus: 4,500 leave policing in their probation period during flagship uplift programme