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Oliver also said: "Only a fool would actually name someone as the next potential leader of the Conservative party."

Cameron Spin Doctor Says Boris Johnson "Still Very Much A Possibility For Prime Minister"

6 days ago

Michael Russell told Matt Frei there was no positive outcome for Brexit

Michael Russell: "There Is No Such Thing As A Good Brexit"

13 days ago

Matt Frei Lord Lawson

Lord Lawson Rebukes Lord Harris: "He Has No Great Political Understanding"

13 days ago

Matt Frei spoke to an Australian tourist about her terrifying experience

Tourist Caught Up In Barcelona Attack Shares Advice About What To Do If Terror Strikes

1 month ago

William Dartmouth MEP and Matt Frei became embroiled in a row over EU expenses.

“Get Off Your High Horse!” Matt Frei's Epic EU Expenses Row With Ukip MEP

1 month ago

Donald Trump has been criticised over his comments to North Korea

Trump Is Putting Our Lives In Danger, Guam Senator Tells LBC

1 month ago

Matt Frei discussed North Korea's nuclear abilities

"North Korea Want To Be Left Alone And Will Only Act If Trump Provokes Them"

1 month ago

Matt Frei was caught in an earthquake in Japan

What Is It Like To Be Caught In An Earthquake? Matt Frei's Terrifying Account

1 month ago