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Lord Hesetine Spoke To Matt Frei

Lord Heseltine: 'May's Absence From The Treaty of Rome Anniversary Defies History'

4 days ago

Matt Frei Spoke To 7/7 Survivor Gill Hicks

7/7 Survivor Tells Matt: 'Anger Is What Keeps Me Going'

4 days ago

Boris Johnson Matt Frei Rachel Johnson

'I've Never Seen Boris Stressed Handling Multiple Jobs' Says Sister Rachel Johnson

11 days ago

Matt Frei Spoke To Mick Whelan

Union Boss Passionately Defends Corbyn's Labour Leadership

1 month ago

Matt Frei Spoke To Barbara Winton

Daughter Of Nicholas Winton: 'My Father Urged Theresa May To Show Compassion'

1 month ago

Left To Right: Phil Shiner, Matt Frei, Earl Howe

Shiner Is To Blame For IHAT Controversy, Not Civil Servants

1 month ago

Matt Frei Spoke To Ken Clarke

Ken Clarke: I Would Have Been Laughed At If I'd Backed Article 50

1 month ago

Nigel Farage Guy Verhofstadt

EU Negotiator Called Farage "Waste Of Money", So Nigel Called In

1 month ago