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Natasha Devon told LBC what she really said

What Natasha Devon REALLY Said About Not Saying 'Girls' And 'Boys' In School

41 mins ago

James O'Brien listens to Laura incredulously

Rat-Loving Vegan Says James Is A "Psychopathic Corpse Eater"

22 hours ago

James O'Brien attacked the Daily Mail

James O'Brien's Epic Attack On "Vile And Vicious" Daily Mail

1 day ago

James O'Brien tried to explain the importance of the Irish border

James O'Brien: Why The Irish Border Is One Of The Biggest Brexit Issues

2 days ago

Daemonn Brody

Survivor Left Burned In Kings Cross Fire Shares Chilling Memories 30 Years On

4 days ago

James O'Brien

James O’Brien’s Proof Millennials CAN Afford To Buy The Homes They Rent

5 days ago

James O'Brien's reaction when he was told he's going to hell

Christian Caller Tells James O'Brien He's Going To Hell Over Sausage Roll Comments

5 days ago

Mystery Hour: Every Question Answered

Mystery Hour: Every Question Answered