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James O'Brien

James: UK No Longer Important In The World After Brexit, Are You Happy Now?

16 hours ago

obrien corbyn adams

Corbyn's History With The IRA Is Important... And It's Wrong: James O'Brien

19 hours ago

Police James O'Brien

The Woman "Left On Hold" Trying To Report Manchester Terror Information

3 days ago

James O'Brien Jeremy Corbyn

James O’Brien’s Fascinating Theory On Jeremy Corbyn’s Poll Surge

3 days ago

O'Brien O'Reilly May

The Police Officer Who Told Theresa May What Cuts Would Lead To

4 days ago

James O'Brien Iraq

Former Soldier Reveals Dark Life Inside Iraqi Detention Centre

5 days ago

James O'Brien flowers

The Message Of Defiance To Terrorists That LBC Listeners Loved

5 days ago

Mystery Hour: Every Question Answered

Mystery Hour: Every Question Answered