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James O'Brien - The Best Bits

James O'Brien Lineker

James O'Brien Defends Gary Lineker Against The Sun

7 days ago

JOB Trump Apologists

Question Donald Trump Apologists Need To Answer

8 days ago

James O'Brien Speculating

James' Worrying Point About Migrant Hysteria

8 days ago


Caller Says Being A Midwife In UK Is So Bad She’s Moving To New Zealand

James O'Brien on prisons

James Says Inmate Death At Pentonville Prison Is Tip Of The Iceberg

James O'Brien angry

James O'Brien's Devastating Attack On 'Corrupt' Russia

10 days ago

James O'Brien Point

Corbyn Doesn't Think Labour Has Anti-Semitism Problem, James Solves Why

Mystery Hour: Every Question Answered

Mystery Hour: Every Question Answered