'Which EU Law Are You Most Looking Forward To Losing?'

11 October 2016, 14:03

James O'Brien head in hands

This caller voted to leave the EU so we could take control of our own laws. James O'Brien asked which law he was most looking forward to getting rid of. This is what happened next.

Ashley from Pinner said that he was willing to take a "short-term" hit on his business in order to free Britain from the bureaucratic red tape of the EU.

James asked for just one European law that he was excited to repeal. And Ashley couldn't name a single one.

Which EU Law Are You Looking Forward To Getting Rid Of?


Eventually, Ashley laughed as he said: "The shape of your bananas."

But James responded: "It's not funny, is it? The pound is at the lowest it's been since 1985, you just said "any law" and I'm just asking you to name one.

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"We both know that bananas was a lie made up by Boris Johnson. Remind me which side he was on during the Leave campaign.

"What is the law? You know you were going to take short-term economic damage, you knew that all your customers would do as a newly-formed electrician company. Every single customer in the country is going to be potentially worse off than they were before the vote.

"So I'm just wondering what those laws are that you won't have to obey any more that made you vote for this short-term economic hit.

"Can you name one?"

Ashley's response: "I wouldn't be able to, no."

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