Katie Hopkins: "Feminists Can Go Do One!"

10 June 2015, 15:49

Katie Hopkins: "Feminists Can Do One!"

The outspoken columnist says that women are too emotional in the workplace and she's fed up of being told that's a sexist claim.


The outspoken columnist, currently embroiled in a row about sexism, fired an angry shot at her feminist critics on LBC this evening.

Hopkins had Tweeted her support for Nobel prize winner Sir Tim Hunt, the scientist who was reported as saying that women in labs were prone to falling in love and crying.

He's since apologised for the comments, but Katie insisted he shouldn't have.

"Sir Tim Hunt is a great guy. He’s a funny guy, he has a dry British wit. Now, if you take a load of scientists, specifically South Korean scientists who’ve got about as much sense of humour as my mother-in-law - and she’s dead - then you’re not really going to get much of a laugh back.

"But actually if you read behind his words and you stop flapping your bingo wings and moaning just because you’re a girl, you’ll find that he was being quite truthful.

Asked by presenter John Stapleton if she'd made women cry in the corporate environment, Hopkins said she had also made men weep.

"I see it on a daily basis," said Katie. "I see women crumpled at their computers in floods of tears because they can’t handle what someone says about their work. That’s the point [Sir Tim] is making.

"All he said was: it would be more helpful if we split labs in two, women in one and men in the other. That is not that outrageous! This is 2015, get over yourselves."

And Hopkins fired a shot at her critics on social media too: "The list of things we can’t say is now longer than the list of things we can. I can’t stand that. Feminists can go and do one as far as I’m concerned.

"I think Sir Tim Hunt has done a great thing for society."

Watch Katie's interview in full below:

Katie Hopkins On Sexism - The Full Interview

The outspoken columnist weighs in on the row about women crying in the workplace, sparked by a Nobel Prize winning scientist's controversial comments.


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