Caller's Frustration At Partner's Refusal To Recognise Her Depression

8 May 2017, 16:57

Caller's frustration at partner's refusal recognise her depression


After experiencing a huge emotional upheaval, this caller was given advice on how to deal with depression which her partner won't recognise.

Shortly before the birth of her baby, Priya’s 21-year-old brother committed suicide. This triggered a depression that he had also experienced in the past.

She told psychotherapist and LBC presenter Lucy Beresford, who joined Shelagh Fogarty in the studio as part of Mental Health Week, of the frustration she felt with her partner who refused to acknowledge or help her with her mental health issues.

“He doesn’t understand the term ‘depression’” she said. “I have ended up screaming in the shower, sitting there screaming my lungs out, almost.”

Lucy acknowledged his attitude was unhelpful, but also suggested people can expect too much from their partners.

“I’m not condoning his behaviour, but very few of us are put on this planet to sooth the mental health of someone else. We are very unskilled at it.

“It doesn’t make him a bad person that he doesn’t get it yet.”

Lucy advised psychotherapy, a talking therapy, once a week could help Priya in a way her partner is unable to.

“[Therapy] would provide that outlet so that you don’t feel like you’re having to scream alone.

“You can scream in the therapists room and leave it there.”

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