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Monday 30th November 2015
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Shelagh Fogarty

Labour MPS given free vote on Syria - do you trust Corbyn with our security? - 30 Nov 15

Published on 30 Nov at 4:20 pm

Award winning broadcaster Shelagh joins LBC in 2015 for weekdays 1-4pm.

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James O'Brien - The Whole Show

The polls say many people want to extend airstrikes into Syria, do you believe them? - 30 Nov 15

Published on 30 Nov at 1:10 pm

Do you oppose a sugar tax? And how much sympathy do you have for the fathers who protested on the roof of Buckingham Palace?

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Nick Ferrari - The Whole Show

The latest Tory scandal from the eyes of Elliot Johnson's dad Ray - 30 Nov 15

Published on 30 Nov at 10:25 am

As Jeremy Corbyn speaks to his shadow cabinet over airstrikes Nick speaks to two Labour MPs with opposing views. Turkey gets a package of money from the EU, but do we want them as part of the union? And is it finally time for a sugar tax?

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The Morning News

The Morning News - 30 Nov 15

Published on 30 Nov at 9:59 am

Wake up to the top stories of the day, with Lisa Aziz.

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Steve Allen - A Little Bit Extra

Never a day goes by when the Beckhams AREN'T in the papers - 30 Nov 15

Published on 30 Nov at 6:48 am

Just for the podcasters - a little bit extra from the acerbic wit of London's longest-serving talkshow host!


Steve Allen - The Whole Show

£420 for Christmas dinner?! - 30 Nov 15

Published on 30 Nov at 6:35 am

No one is safe from this man's tongue - Steve Allen takes to the airwaves on weekday mornings from 4 - 6.30am on LBC. Hear all of Steve's show with the news, travel and breaks taken out.

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Darren Adam

Do you trust the government when it says TTIP won't harm the NHS or any of our other vital services? - 30 Nov 15

Published on 30 Nov at 4:23 am

is Leading Britain's Conversation every night from 1-4am.


Ian Collins - The Whole Show

What is the bigger threat to out society, climate change or terrorism? - 29 Nov 15

Published on 30 Nov at 1:13 am

LBC's new late night host, asks if prisoners should be let out for Christmas, and if a sugar tax is 'patronising'. Leading Britain's Conversation from 10pm.

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Clive Bull - The Whole Show

Should we be giving money to Turkey to control the migrant crisis? - 29 Nov 15

Published on 29 Nov at 9:08 pm

Clive Bull is on Monday to Thursday 2000-2200 and Sunday evenings 1800-2100

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Tom Swarbrick

Tom Swarbrick: why is it so hard to actually get anything done to stop climate change?

Published on 29 Nov at 6:06 pm

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Petrie Hosken - The Whole Show

Petrie Hosken - With Turkey making various demands to help the EU with the migrant crisis, should we agree?

Published on 29 Nov at 3:47 pm

The migrant crisis, a pill that will allow you to live until you're 120 and putting cameras on posties. Petrie Hosken from 12 until 3 each Saturday and Sunday.

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Ian Payne - The Whole Show

Do you feel represented by your MP in the debate over Syria? - 29 Nov 15

Published on 29 Nov at 12:54 pm

Ian Payne brings you the big issues of the day, as well as staying in touch with the key sports stories.

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Beverley Turner

Why donít we we care more about climate change? - 29 Nov 15

Published on 29 Nov at 12:43 pm

The Telegraph Columnist & TV presenter joins LBC

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Stig Abell - The Whole Show

Following the bulling scandal in the Tory party and Syria causing ruction in Labour, which party do you believe in? 29th November 2015

Published on 29 Nov at 11:41 am

Stig Abell looks to the week ahead on LBC

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Nick Abbot - The Whole Show

Hackers are now attacking ISIS - 29 Nov 15

Published on 29 Nov at 11:38 am

Funny and witty, Nick is a national treasure, subscribe to this premium podcast and we take out the news and adverts and leave pure distilled Nick Abbot - enjoy.

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Lucy Beresford On Sex And Relationships

Do 'date nights' work? - 28 Nov 15

Published on 29 Nov at 11:30 am

Jo Hemmings covers for Lucy, talking 'date nights' and sex as a single parent.

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Olly Mann - The Whole Show

Isn't it right that Corbyn sticks to his principles? - Olly Mann in for Steve Allen - 29 Nov 15

Published on 29 Nov at 8:13 am

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In Conversation With....

In Conversation With.... Eddie Izzard and David Tennant- 25 Nov 15

Published on 29 Nov at 7:00 am

Join Steve In Conversation with two celebrity guests...

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Cristo - The Whole Show

Do we presume that men can handle bullies better than women? - 29 Nov 15

Published on 29 Nov at 5:33 am

Hear the full show again.

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Olly Mann - The Whole Show

Are private schools worth the money? - 28 Nov 15

Published on 28 Nov at 8:26 pm

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