Johnson Asked SIX Times To Rule Out Running For Tory Leadership

31 May 2017, 14:33

Johnson Asked Six Times To Rule Out Running For Tory Leadership


The Foreign Secretary stalled when asked by LBC whether he would consider standing to be Conservative leader.

Johnson looked set to run for the party leadership after David Cameron resigned in 2016, but he stepped back from this when fellow leave campaigner Michael Gove launched his own bid.

Today LBC political editor Theo Usherwood challenged Johnson to “rule out being Conservative Prime Minister” after Theresa May.

Johnson stalled with his answer before saying: “I am ruling out there being any other serious possibility at this election other than Theresa May.”

Polls released today suggest Labour have gained significantly on the Conservatives and the possibility of the party winning with a majority smaller than the 17 they had before the election has risen.

Theo pointed out that Johnson's response didn’t rule out him having a run at the leadership if Theresa May came back with a reduced majority after June 8. So would he consider it?

“Don’t be ridiculous.” Johnson said.

The former mayor of London had to be pushed twice more to rule it out before he finally gave a clear answer.

“Of course I’m ruling it out.” He finally said.

“What we want at this election is a strong administration led by Theresa. And that’s very much what I hope the British people will deliver.”

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