Ed Miliband Filmed Bingo Calling While Out On Election Campaign Trail

18 May 2017, 14:56

Ed Miliband Turns Bingo Caller While On Campaign Trail

The former Labour leader turns his hand to bingo calling on the election campaign trail.


Ed Miliband has been filmed trying his hand at bingo calling while out on the election campaign trail in Moorends.

The former Labour leader and candidate for Doncaster North can be seen giving it his all to a hall of pensioners yesterday afternoon.

The 47-year-old reads out bingo catchphrases such as “all on its own, number two”, however, he temporarily drops his guard when he calls: “Nineteen... sorry... one and nine, nineteen."

The clip was tweeted by a local Labour group and has been shared hundreds of times while receiving praise from other social media users.

One wrote: “From mowing lawns to calling bingo, Ed Miliband is having a ball this general election campaign”.

Another added: “This man is a national treasure.”

While a third quipped: “Shame he didn't pull out 'Maggie's den No.10'."

You can watch Mr Miliband in action in the video above.

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