The Moments Of 2016, As Chosen By LBC's Presenters

31 December 2016, 11:30

LBC Presenters

Brexit, Trump, celebrity deaths: 2016 has been a truly remarkable year. Here are the most memorable moments, chosen by the LBC presenters.

Nick Ferrari

A Corbyn Tribute: Nick Ferrari Presents His Show Sitting Down

This was the memorable moment when Nick Ferrari presented his LBC show from the floor of his studio.


After Jeremy Corbyn's claim he had to sit on the train floor was disputed, Nick decided to present his show while sitting on the floor too. Like Corbyn, there was also a spare seat available for Nick if he wanted it.

James O'Brien

James O'Brien On Amber Rudd's Foreign Worker's Policy

Discussing Home Secretary Amber Rudd's push to make firms list foreign workers, James O'Brien's startling point will stop you in your tracks.


When Amber Rudd proposed asking companies to list their foreign workers, James O'Brien noticed something truly frightening about her speech.

Shelagh Fogarty

Shelagh's Emotional Challenge To Hillsborough "Cover Up" Cop

Former top cop Sir Norman Bettison is challenged by Shelagh Fogarty over his new book, which he says is an attempt to clear up Hillsborough "smears". The families say it's more lies.


Shelagh reported on the Hillsborough disaster in 1989 and her interview with police chief Norman Bettison was a masterclass in forensic questioning.

Iain Dale

This Spanish Woman Was Very Sweet - And Her Story Made Iain Feel Ashamed


An illuminating call from a charming Spanish woman causes Iain Dale to reflect on what it's like to have been a Leave voter in 2016 as hate crimes shot up.

Maajid Nawaz

Maajid Explains What Liberals Can Do After Trump

Maajid Nawaz has some suggestions for what liberals can do after the election of Donald Trump.


Maajid had a memorable take on the election of Donald Trump, telling Liberals it is time for the left to stop sneering and start reconnecting with the public mood.

Clive Bull

Labour MP Comes Unstuck Over Immigration Policy

Labour's Shadow Minister Without Portfolio Andrew Gwynne says Ukip's immigration policy is a threat to the British way of life. So surely he can give Clive at least one Labour policy...


Clive has invited Labour's shadow cabinet on to his show many times - and has been left exasperated by their inability to answer any questions.

Ian Collins

An unexpected defence of Donald Trump

Mexican caller, Josephine, tells Ian Collins she was "delighted" when Trump announced that he would build a wall


In an extraordinary year, Ian chose this extraordinary call: from a Mexican in favour of Donald Trump's wall.

Stig Abell

Stig Abell Left Completely Exasperated By Anti-Gay Caller

Stig Abell left completely exasperated by this religious caller's argument against homosexuality.


In September, senior figures in the Church of England called on the church to change its "archaic" position on homosexuality. The debate about the issue prompted this call from Grace that left Stig more than a little exasperated.

Sadiq Khan

Mayor Sadiq Khan Says Londoners Should Be Angry With Uber, Not TfL

Nick Ferrari received this call from an angry RyanAir pilot

Furious Ryanair Pilot Calls LBC To Reveal All About Working Conditions

Archbishop Justin Welby live on LBC

Boy In A Dress Is "Not A Problem", Says Archbishop Of Canterbury

Hillsborough mum Margaret Aspinall met survivors from the Grenfell Tower

Hillsborough Hero Meets Grenfell Survivors To Give Advice On How To Get Justice