Andrew Reveals The Staggering Amount Osborne Gets Paid For Speeches

19 March 2017, 10:31

Andrew Pierce is not happy about George Osborne's new appointment - and in this scathing rant he lists just some of the staggering fees he charged for making speeches.

The former Chancellor George Osborne will be the new Editor of the Evening Standard - but his new appointment has attracted much criticism. 

Andrew Pierce is among those who think Osborne should not have been offered the position. 

On his Friday evening LBC show, he said: "If you're an HSBC customer, of HSBC bank, you might get cross with them sometimes, you get put through to those wretched call centres, you can never get through to the same person and then you discover in your bank statement charges because they've charged you for this, and they charge you for that, and if you get overdrawn for the day, they whack you. 

"Absolutely no interest on your money either, well next time you get cross with HSBC, just remember this." 

Andrew went on to list just some of the fees Osborne has charged for speeches - including a huge sum he was paid for a speech to HSBC in London earlier this year. 

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