Clive Bull's Moment(s) Of The Year

21 December 2016, 15:30

Clive Bull Labour Frustration

It's been another year of turmoil for Labour and nowhere is that better captured than in Clive Bull's choice of video highlights from his LBC show.

Throughout the year, Clive has invited some of the leading lights of Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party on to his show. And time and again, he's been left struggling to figure out what they were on about.

Take this interview where Clive wanted a simple answer about immigration:

Labour MP Comes Unstuck Over Immigration Policy

Labour's Shadow Minister Without Portfolio Andrew Gwynne says Ukip's immigration policy is a threat to the British way of life. So surely he can give Clive at least one Labour policy...


...or this frustrating exchange with Shadow Health Minister Barbara Keeley:

Clive Bull Despairs At Shadow Health Secretary

Labour's Shadow Health Secretary criticises the government over social care... so what's her policy to correct this? Clive Bull is left baffled.


Looking back at the end of the year, Clive says: "Not so much a moment of the year as a theme; there have been a succession of clips with me looking increasingly baffled by the inability of Labour shadow ministers to come up with clear policies. 

"From Health minister Barbara Keeley to Andy McDonald (below), more baffling was that they didn’t seem to have prepared an answer to the question "what would Labour do?"

Shadow Transport Secretary Refuses To Say Which Airport He Backs

The Shadow Transport Secretary Andy McDonald criticised the government for the delay in the airport decision... but couldn't say which option he backs.


"I don’t know whether it’s the Jeremy Corbyn factor, that they’re new to their roles, or whether things are just changing too quickly, but they need to get their act together in 2017.

"It’s vital that the Opposition does its job."

Do Labour Have A Clear Pensions Policy?

Clive Bull just won't let this one slide.


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