On The Spot: The Woman Behind Brexit Court Case

4 November 2016, 12:53

Woman Behind Brexit Court Case Put On Spot

Clive Bull asks Gina Miller if her Brexit court case has caused more division in the country.


Gina Miller's Brexit court case could derail the referendum result but as she tells Clive Bull, she's not to blame for divisions - politicians like Nigel Farage are.

Gina Miller spoke to Clive after winning her Brexit legal challenge, which has plunged the result of the EU referendum into question.

Clive got straight to the point, putting the angry response of Leave voters to Miller: "What people are worried about is that...we've had the vote and made a decision. What happens if MPs vote against triggering Article 50?"

Miller: "The MPs have to go and talk to their constituents, which is what they didn't do in the referendum.

"Their political morality has to be that they listen to their constituents."

Clive wanted to know if Miller felt she had helped cause further "division" in the country. "There's a lot of anger. Nigel Farage has been talking about revolution.

"You've experienced abuse. You're creating trouble here but saying the result will be the same."

Miller used that as an opportunity to criticise Nigel Farage: "I think Nigel Farage is despicable in the fact that he's using this to his own ends.

"He should be very pleased that there's an opportunity for MPs to do what they're paid to do."

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