Darren Schools Caller Who Claims Brexit Voters Wanted Foreigners Out

24 October 2016, 07:47

Darren Adam Angry

"At some point, people who say racist things no longer have the right to not be called racists." Darren Adam takes on a caller who wants foreigners kicked out of Britain and says the Brexit vote was the first step in that.

"If you speak to the normal person in the street, they will tell you straight. We don't care about trade and everything else. We want our country back and we don't want all the foreigners here."

That was how Simon began his diatribe, before he claimed that the majority of people who voted to leave the European Union wanted to "finally have our say. We don't want all these people here and we don't want the baggage that comes with them."

Darren had to challenge that - and stick up for Leave voters:

The LBC presenter said even though he was a Remain voter, he knew lots of Leave backers who would be "horrified" to be linked with Simon's stance on immigrants.

"It actually doesn't have anything to do with Brexit," said Darren.

"That's the reason why most people voted to come out of the EU," replied Simon. "We are surrounded by people, we don't like their culture, we don't like how they live. We don't like what they believe in. There's not a damn thing anyone can say or do.

"The minute you do, you're tarnished with the racist brush."

Darren: "You'll at least credit me with not calling you a racist...yet."

The exchange got even more heated then, forcing Darren to give it straight to Simon: "At some point, people who say racist things no longer have the right to not be called racists."

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