Darren Adam Skewers Ukip's Catalogue Of Incompetence

5 October 2016, 08:18

Darren Adam Skewers Ukip's Incompetence

As Diane James resigns as leader after just 18 days, Darren Adam skewered Ukip's catalogue of incompetence.


This is Darren Adam's rip-roaring rant on Ukip's series of gaffes, after Diane James quit as leader after just 18 days.

Ms James resigned without having even officially taken the post following her election victory, leaving Nigel Farage officially in charge by default.

He says he wouldn't want the job again for $10million, but it's left the party in a difficult state.

Speaking on his LBC show, Darren summed up the recent woes in the party.

He said: "This is a party who, having won the referendum, having won the Brexit referendum, might in the very best of circumstances be looking a little bit redundant anyway.

"It's also a party that brought Neil Hamilton back into electoral politics and that's a hole we all needed filled, right?

"It's also a party who would probably have been led by a man called Stephen Woolfe, if he'd managed to get his application in on time, having only had many weeks on end to do so.

"It's also a party that was led by a man who failed seven times out of seven to get elected to Parliament, a man who stepped down, ran again, stepped down again, unesigned, conceded defeat on referendum night, then unconceded and then resigned again.

"And now, even though that man moaned about Barack Obama interfering with our democratic process, he's popping up on Fox News, giving advice to the race-baiting, xenophobic religious bigot who wants to replace him.

"And even he could be pulled back by default to lead Ukip again, even though he resigned. Again.

"And this because the person who replaced him, even though she never actually did replace him, saya she doesn't want the job after eighteen days, which is a run that makes the England manager's look about as long as the Queen's.

"So tell me why would you vote for Ukip going forward?"

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