Darren Settles Worried Landlord’s Nerves Over Labour’s Housing Policy

17 May 2017, 12:50

Darren Outlines Labour Housing Policy To Concerned Private Landlord

Monty is a private landlord who owns a string of properties. He's very worried about Labour's housing plans - until Darren Adam reads what their manifesto actually says to him.


Monty is a private landlord who was terrified at the prospect of Labour getting into power, until Darren read him the party’s manifesto.

The LBC caller got in touch as he was concerned Jeremy Corbyn was going to target private landlords with “huge raises in taxes”.

But, armed with the Labour manifesto in front of him, Darren tried to settle Monty’s nerves as he said: “I don’t think they’re going to do that”.

Flicking to page 62 of the document, which was titled: ‘Secure Homes For All’, Darren read: “They’re going to legislate to ban letting agency fees for tenants, they’ll allow tenants to call time on bad landlords by giving renters new consumer rights.

“Legal human standards to ensure properties are fit for habitation, tenants will be empowered to take action if their accommodation is sub-standard and they’ll reverse what they call the ‘cruel decision’ to abolish housing benefit for 18-21 year-olds.”

Impressed, Monty appeared to change his view on the prospect of a Labour government as he responded: “Well… I’m all for that… I’m really am all for that.”

Watch above to see if you're as convinced with the proposals as Monty is.

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