'I've Been A London Minicab Driver For 20 Years. I'd Fail New English Tests'

28 February 2017, 14:26

Ian Payne Uber

Uber is launching a legal challenge against mandatory English tests for minicab drivers. This driver explains why despite working in the capital for two decades, he's terrified he'd fail the tests.

Uber says that more than 20,000 of their drivers would fail the TfL tests, which include a written essay requirement. Black cab drivers don't need to take the tests, which will be introduced in September this year.

But do minicab drivers really need to have English that good to do their job? Caller Adam insists they don't.

'I've Driven A Minicab For 20 Years. I'd Fail New English Tests.'

Despite making a living for two decades from being a driver in London, Adam says he probably wouldn't pass the controversial new English tests.


"I've been a private hire driver for 20 years...I was born in this country.

"But I don't have any GCSEs, I don't have any qualifications, which is one of the reasons that I had to do this job in the first place.

"This has no relevance to what we do...I probably won't pass!"

Ian responded: "This is such a simple problem to try and solve.

"Instead people sitting down and writing essays...all you need is a five minute chat with someone in a room to prove you can speak English and use a Sat Nav."

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