Caller Takes On Katie Over "Horrible" Columns

12 May 2016, 07:53

LBC Caller Confronts Katie Hopkins About "Horrible Things" She Says

This caller wants to take Katie Hopkins to task for how her harsh words have upset people and made them cry - and it seems like he gets through to her!


This is what happened when an LBC caller confronted Katie Hopkins over the "horrible" things that she says.

Kay in Action asked Katie if she was aware of how much her words hurt and upset people.

But Katie insisted that, while the things she says are harsh, she has support for it across the country.

Kay insisted: "Do you know how many people probably cry after hearing the things you said about obese people and suicidal prisoners.

"You don't realise how many people you can actually hurt with your words. Katie, I think you need to reflect on that sometimes."

Katie responded saying: "I think your point is entirely fair. What you do is give voice to what a lot of people will say - and I think you are right to a degree.

"I am really harsh in some of the things I say - and absolutely, I wouldn't expect people to agree with me."

Kay asked how Katie's children are affected by the horrible things she says, but she insisted: "They're not online, so they don't see that.

"They see that Mummy's quite blunt about things, Mummy doesn't take any messing around. I'm a strict Mum. They also see that if there is anything they need help with, I'll be right there by her side.

"Give it a couple of years, they'll probably hate my guts, slam the door and tell me they're never coming home again. I accept that. And one of them I will definitely pick up from a police station before she's 18.

"But at the moment, they think I'm pretty rock and roll, actually.

"I respect the fact you've come on LBC to tell me to take responsibility for what I say. I know some of the things I say are brutally harsh. I am blunt."

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