Caller Gets Katie Hopkins Fired Up About Ramadan

5 June 2016, 10:50

This call from an employer who has to hire temporary staff because of Ramadan really got Katie Hopkins fired up.

Paul in Finchley owns an engineering firm employing 300 people and 75 of them are fasting for Ramadan.

The staggering cost of this to Paul really got Katie fired up.

“Stop wittering on about your religion. Stop telling me how many hours you have fasted for.

“I don’t care how long you have or haven’t fasted for. I care about Paul because he’s paying taxes to your health service.

“He’s paying salaries to your people who are staying at home because they can't eat and he's working hard to protect you, while you sit at home because you've decided its time you can't have a cheese sandwich.”

Watch her let rip.

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