Hopkins: It's So Easy For Migrants To Enter UK

28 August 2016, 11:56

Katie Clashes With Remainer Over Immigration Controls

This caller says controls are in place to control immigration, but was not prepared for Katie Hopkins' passionate response.


Katie Hopkins explained how easy it is for illegal immigrants to get into the UK after spending 28-hours with truckers in Calais.

The LBC presenter joined long-haul driver Vlad in the French port to see what they have to do to avoid the groups of migrants trying to sneak into Britain.

And when a caller to her LBC show told her that strong border controls are already in place in this country, he wasn't prepared for her passionate response.

Steve in Egham told her: "Do you really think that the illegal immigrants are going to stop crossing the Channel because we're out of the EU? All the controls are there at the moment."

But Katie fired back: "All the controls? Steve, do not tell me all the controls are there.

"I have just spent 28 hours in a cab with someone called Vlad who weed into a bottle and threw it out the window while I was sat next to him.

"Do not tell me all the controls are in place at the border, because I am not buying that, Steve.

"I have watched the French Port Authorities and I have seen our refridgerated artics, which are the hard-sided vehicles pulled over and checked.

"The soft-sided vehicles with home plates on from Belgium or France get wafted through.

"There is a system in place for trafficking the problem out of France and into our country."

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