Katie Hopkins' Passionate Call For 'Hard-Brexit'

9 October 2016, 10:46

Katie Hopkins' Passionate Call For 'Hard-Brexit'

Katie Hopkins says give us the 'hard-Brexit' that we voted for.


Katie Hopkins says Theresa May is giving us the 'hard-Brexit' that we voted for.

Talking in her LBC show she welcomed the PM's apparent support for a ‘hard-Brexit’ where Britain leaves the single market and gets full control of its borders.

“Ignore everything you've heard across the media and the radio and the liberal left this week, all of them weeping into their tissues about oh it's been it's been terrible. You may have got your country back but what did you really get,” she said. 

“Ignore that because what you have got is hard-Brexit and hard-Brexit will mean very clearly, we are not going to have open borders anymore. We will not have sort of migration into this country that we can no longer control, the hard-Brexit would see the U.K leave the E.U. and the single market all together.”  

“Now soft-Brexit is the sort of opposite, if you will, is one where you have a free trade market, maybe stay in the European Economic Area, where you would have to still have open borders. Theresa May has listened to the people. We do not want open borders, we do not want free movement of people into our country, we don't want that. She listened to us and she gave us what we asked for, she gave us hard-Brexit.”

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