Katie: 'Why Do Muslim Refugees Go To Christian Countries?'

29 January 2017, 11:40

Kate Hopkins On Trump's Border Control

Katie Hopkins spoke to caller Aman about why Muslim refugees go to Christian countries, and not other Muslim countries.

The LBC Presenter had earlier praised Trump's executive action, which severely restricts immigration from seven mainly Muslim countries.


She asked her listeners about whether they agree and if not, she urged them to challenge her. 

Aman phoned Katie to give his take on the subject and was on hand to answer Hopkins's burning question: Why do Muslim refugees go to Christian countries and don't flee to other Muslim countries? 

She said: "Why is it, help me understand, always help me, why is it we see Muslims running from Muslim countries to Christian countries for a better life? 

"Does that not tell us something about Muslims, the religion of Islam? Why is it always Christian countries that need to save Muslim countries, help me understand."

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