Rock On! Katie Hopkins Backs Keith Vaz

4 September 2016, 13:04

Katie Hopkins gives her full support to Keith Vaz, who has resigned over sex and drug allegations.

Katie scorned the moral outrage over the sex and drug allegations in the Sunday Mirror and said that he has a right to privacy.

"Little bit of sympathy and support for Keith Vaz this morning. 

"Little bit of a shocker to find out your whole private life has been made public….that your hooking up with a few rent boys is out there to be seen by the world.  

"That you may have been indulging in a few things you didn't want to."

But Katie had an encouraging message for the MP:

"I say 'go Keith Vaz'! 

"He was having a party in his pants, allegedly. 

"Don’t just sit there and knock him from your sofa your sofa and knock and go 'tut tut tut'. Remember you've all got skeletons in your closet, you’ve all got stuff to hide, you've all done dirty little things in your life.”

"If you haven't, you haven't lived, you're probably an accountant in the public sector, I pity you.  

"Rock on Keith Vaz.  

"Sorry about your wife and kids and all that, but I say 'go you' and keep getting that party started. We need more people who are a bit more real. I don't know why politicians have to be priests."

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