Katie Hopkins: 'Why Are Liberals Pleased The Westminster Terrorist Is British?'

26 March 2017, 11:31

Katie Hopkins says liberals "seem to think it's something of a triumph" that the Westminster terrorist was British, and not a migrant.

On her Sunday morning LBC show Katie Hopkins was speaking about the response to the Westminster terror attack on Wednesday. 

She said she think 'liberals' have been championing the fact that the terrorist responsible, Khalid Masood, was born and bred in Britain, and not a migrant. 

Katie's not happy about it. 

She said: "It seems to me, do correct me if I am wrong, the liberals, our 'Richmond massive', seem to think it's something of a triumph that he's British.

"They seem to think it's something of a win. There's something not very nice in there. They seem to think it's a sort of, they're sort of pleased, he's British because then at least he's not a migrant, so that means Brexiteers are wrong? 

"Is that where they're going? Why are liberals pleased he's British? People think I must be cross, because he's not a migrant and I am a massive racist and a xenophobe, so therefore it doesn't fit with my narrative.

"Er, no. On the contrary, I find it deeply distressing that we are describing him as British. He is no Brit."

Later on in her show she continued her rant. Watch what she had to say below. 

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