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Maajid Nawaz - Latest Clips

Maajid Nawaz on Theresa May

Maajid: The Tories Have Gone For The Most Vulnerable Sectors Of Our Society

3 days ago

Maajid Nawaz On Julian Assange

Maajid: These Are My Three Charges Against Julian Assange

4 days ago

maajid nawaz quran

Maajid Destroys Muslim Caller After He Refused To Condemn Stoning Women

7 days ago

Maajid Nawaz worried

All Parents Must Listen To This Call From A Child Protection Officer

8 days ago

Maajid Hacking

Terrorists Will Start Hacking And It Will Be Much Worse, Says Maajid Nawaz

10 days ago

Maajid Nawaz And Jeremy Hunt

Maajid Nawaz: Where Was Jeremy Hunt During The NHS Cyber Attack?

11 days ago

Maajid Nawaz and Stephen Fry

Why Are We Still Legitimising Blasphemy? It's Embarrassing, Says Maajid

17 days ago