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Maajid Nawaz arguing

Maajid Takes On Muslim Caller Who Says He Should Respect Sharia Law

15 hours ago

Maajid Nawaz responds to the latest terror attack to hit Europe.

Maajid Nawaz Says It’s Time We Responded To All Acts Of Terror Consistently

17 hours ago

Maajid Nawaz said Sarah Champion was right

Sarah Champion Is Right, UK DOES Have A Problem With Pakistanis Raping White Girls: Maajid Nawaz

1 day ago

Maajid Nawaz was discussing the Charlottesville protests, where on woman was killed

Caller Disagrees With Maajid On Charlottesville, Ends Up Doing Complete U-Turn

2 days ago

Maajid Nawaz in the LBC studio

Maajid Nawaz Skewers Donald Trump Over Calling Protesters At Nazi Rally "Fine People"

2 days ago

Maajid Nawaz was shocked by what he heard from Carl

When Caller Says States Should Have One Ethnicity, Maajid's Response Was Brilliant

3 days ago

Maajid Nawaz lays down why making young Muslim girls wear headscarves is child abuse.

Maajid Nawaz On Why Making Young Muslim Girls Wear Headscarves Is Child Abuse

4 days ago

LBC Catch Up