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Maajid Nawaz - Latest Clips

Maajid Nawaz criticised Sadiq Khan over his handling of Uber

Maajid Nawaz Warns Sadiq Over Uber: This Isn't The USSR

12 hours ago

Maajid asked is the caller was worried about the future of the transgender movement

Trans Caller Wants To Leave Country Thanks To Other Trans Activists' Behaviour

1 day ago

Maajid believes the Prime Minister is stuck between a rock and a hard place

Maajid Nawaz Makes The Case For Theresa May Being The Worst Prime Minister In Living Memory

3 days ago

Claire said it was correct to draw a comparison to the Nazi Holocaust

"The World Community Is Complicit In Rohingya Ethnic Cleansing"

9 days ago

"If this ethnic cleansing continues unabated, the military will be eclipsed by Al Qaeda and ISIS."

Maajid Nawaz: Learn The Lessons Of Syria Or Myanmar Will Become Jihadists' Home Too

9 days ago

Aisha told Maajid that adultery was "disgusting" and should be punishable by stoning to death

Maajid Embarrasses A Caller Demanding Sharia Law In Manchester

10 days ago


Maajid Nawaz: We Are Fighting An Insurgency In Our Own Country

10 days ago

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