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Maajid Nawaz - Latest Clips

Maajid Nawaz on why it's wrong to suggestion Nelson's Column is toppled.

Maajid Destroys Guardian Columnist’s Suggestion To Topple Nelson’s Column

19 hours ago

Maajid Nawaz shuts down caller who says he shouldn't be voicing his opinion on British troops in Afghanistan.

Caller Who Says Maajid Shouldn’t Comment On British Matters Gets His Comeuppance

20 hours ago

Maajid Nawaz in the LBC studio

US Must Beware Of Pakistan's Uncomfortable Involvement In Afghanistan, Says Maajid Nawaz

21 hours ago

Maajid Nawaz shocked

Caller’s "Good Extremism" Solution To Terrorism Is Truly Bizarre

1 day ago

Maajid Nawaz van hire

Maajid Nawaz: “Extra Van Checks Are Useless. This Is How We Defeat Terrorism.”

1 day ago

Maajid Nawaz arguing

Maajid Takes On Muslim Caller Who Says He Should Respect Sharia Law

4 days ago

Maajid Nawaz responds to the latest terror attack to hit Europe.

Maajid Nawaz Says It’s Time We Responded To All Acts Of Terror Consistently

4 days ago

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