Uber Driver Tells Matt Stadlen His Family Cannot Pay Rent Without Income Generated By The App

23 September 2017, 08:19

Kofi said his wife and children are reliant on the money he makes by driving a taxi.

The Minister for London says the decision to refuse Uber a new license in the capital puts 40,000 people out of work at the flick of a pen.

Greg Hands has accused Sadiq Khan of being closed to business and innovation.

The Mayor says safety and security needs to be a priority.

Kofi told Matt he had been an Uber driver for three years, working full time
Kofi told Matt he had been an Uber driver for three years, working full time. Picture: LBC

Speaking to Matt Stadlen, Uber driver Kofi said he didn't know how he would cope if Uber were to lose its licence.

He said: "I have been an Uber driver for nearly three years now, my whole life and my family depends on this.

"I've got a wife who does part time work as a carer and I do this full time, I have two kids I look after.

"This works perfectly well for my wife, myself and our kids, we are both able to work hard and look after our kids.

"This decision came as a shock, I am lost for words. I will be shattered. I don't know how I will be able to pay my rent.

"What am I going to do?"

Watch the full saddening clip above.

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