The A-Z of 2016 L-N

29 December 2016, 21:12



Harper Lee - author
Carla Lane - writer Liver Birds, Butterflies, Bread
Tom Leppard - world's most tattooed man
Greg Lake - ELP
John D. Loudermilk - singer, wrote Tobacco Road

"Lock her up" Trump rally chant re. Clinton
Leicester City wins Premier League
Leather trousers - Theresa May's £1000 pair
Andrea Leadsome - having children would "make her a better PM" than May
Dougie Lampkin does wheelie round whole of IoM TT track
Llamas sit in at the Tour de France
"Locker room talk"
Ryan Lochte - "robbed" in Rio
Lord Lucan death certificate granted
Matt LeBlanc - Top Gear troubles
Louisiana floods
"Lyin' Ted Cruz"
Leave (EU)
Christine Lagarde - guilty of negligence
Ladybird books reimagined
Gary Lineker's pants
"The Little People" - politicians' concern
Lego store - world's largest opens in London
Leaves ruin train wheels
Lottery price increase/worse winning odds
London Bridge Station revamp
Leaks - PM warns leakers...warning leaked
Legal highs
Alex Lowe & David Bridges' bodies found in Tibet after 16 years
Leap second, Dec 31, 2016 23:59:60
Locally sourced food
Land Rover Defender ends production
Lionheart - Philip Green's yacht
Lynx escapes Dartmoor Zoo
"Lepo" - "what's a Lepo?" top internet search during US eloection debate


Howard Marks - drug dealer, writer, Mr Nice
Ian McCaskill - weatherman
Edgar Mitchell - astronaut
George Martin
George Michael
Scotty Moore - Elvis' guitarist
Gordon Murray - creator Trumpton, Camberwick Green
Garry Marshall - creator Happy Days, director Pretty Woman
Cliff Michelmore - Tv presenter
Michael Massee - actor, Se7en
Nevill Marriner - violinist, conductor
Henry McCullough - musician, Wings
Lonnie Mack - musician

Mannequin challenge
Make America great again
Make Britain great again
Jose Mourinho at Man Utd
Andy Murray wins Wimbledon
Monte dei Paschi - worlds oldest bank crisis
Jose Morinho
Mercury - transit of
Mossack Fonseca leak
Angela Merkel
Meghan Markle + Prince Harry
Munich shootings
Theresa May - new PM
Marzipan pooping pig in Norway
Danielle Muscato - massive Twitter slapdown of Trump
Nicky Morgan v Theresa May's leather trousers
Len Goodman retires from Strictly Come Dancing
Helen Marten - Turner Prize winner
Melania's speech
Thomas Mair - kills Jo Cox
Len McCluskey - resigns from Unite
Migrant workers
Marine A
Marks and Spencer close stores
Murdoch Sky bid
Ferdinand Marcos, Philippines ex-president buried (died 1989)
Elon Musk
Madonna's custody battle for son
Merlin - Alton Towers operator fined over roller-coaster crash
Helen Martin wins Turner Prize
"Mainsteam media"
Muirfield golf club v women
James "Mad Dog" Mattis - named US Defence Secretary
Marijuana legalised in many US states
Moscovium - new element named


Marni Nixon - ghost singer, My Fair Lady, West Side Story etc
Michael Nicholson - war corrspondent
Andy Newman - Thunderclap Newman
Richard Neville - writer, edited Oz magazine
Zara Nutley - actor, Mind Your Language

Robert De Niro v Trump - "I'd like to punch him in the face"
The Night Manager - BBC hit
Nobel Prize in Physics - David J.Thouless, F. Duncan M. Haldane, J. Michael Kosterlitz
Nobel Prize for literature - Bob Dylan
Benjamin Netanyahu v John Kerry, Obama, USA, New Zealand, UN etc
Nice terrorist truck attack
Paul Nuttall - UKIP leader
The Night Manager - TV hit
Night Tube
Negative interest ratesmerlin fined
New Day newspaper launches/closes
Nihonium - new element named
Gary Neville - new England manager

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