Raging Caller Takes On Nigel For Telling “Whopping Lies” About Refugees

11 April 2017, 20:46

Raging Caller Takes On Nigel For Telling “Lies” About Refugees

This caller was not happy about Nigel Farage's claim about refugees and Saudi Arabia.


This is the explosive moment a furious caller took on Nigel Farage over an apparent lie about the number of refugees Saudi Arabia had taken in.

The heated exchange, which lasted for over three minutes, left both LBC caller Sadiq and Nigel trading blows over whether or not the Gulf nation had allowed in any citizens fleeing war-torn Syria.

Sadiq began the fiery proceedings, telling Nigel: “Just a few minutes ago, and nothing new for you to be absolutely honest, you told an absolute blatant whopper.”

“What did I do?” Nigel innocently asked.

The LBC caller claimed Nigel’s statistic that Saudi Arabia had not taken in any refugees was wrong, instead insisting the country had welcomed over two million.

A furious Sadiq added: “You keep telling these whopping lies because your audience laps it up.”

As the heated row went on, Sadiq then took issue with an immigration poster the former Ukip leader unveiled during the Brexit campaign.

Nigel hit back: “That poster showed the madness that was happening in Europe as a result of the failed policies of Juncker and Merkel."

“What about the brown faces?” Saqid quizzed.

“What I should have I whitened them out?" Nigel retorted. "So are you suggesting that I change the colour of people's faces is that really what you are suggesting?”

The tirade peaked with accusations of “fake news”. Watch the epic clash in full above.

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