Nigel Farage's Straightforward Take On Britain's Refugee Policy

26 April 2017, 20:21

Nigel Farage Explains How He'd Improve Britain's Refugee Policy

Nigel Farage reveals how he would improve Britain's refugee policy.


The Home Secretary is facing pressures to reverse a policy which sees refugees returned from the UK after five years if their home country is safe.

But, Nigel Farage explained how a simple few tweaks would see Britain find “a lot more room in our hearts” to give genuine asylum seekers a home.

Speaking on his nightly LBC, Nigel said not only would he like to see the proposed “safe returns policy” introduced, he'd also propose a “system that deported failed asylum seekers at the time of the application”.

He added: “I completely accept there were lots of exceptions, I completely understand that it'll be a subjective view of the Home Office and it won't be perfect.

“I do also feel that so many of those countries who've lost their brightest, ableist young people and without them communities are left behind, you know of the old, the weak and surely that can't make a great deal of sense.”

Watch the video in full above and see if you agree.

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